Lake Wise Assessments

Protecting our Lake

We have an opportunity to learn how to improve our shorelines in ways that can protect Harvey’s Lake. You may have noticed a recent clear cutting on the lake.  Clear cutting is against the law since the Shoreland Protection Act was passed in July 2014 

ShoreLand HandBook

Certain activities around the lakeshore can impair the water, increase weed growth in the lake and affect the wildlife and fish habitat. Large waves from motor boats can erode the shoreline. 

With grant funding from Caledonia County Conservation District and donations from LHA, we are offering a demonstration of a Lake Wise Assessment with recommendations to protect and beautify your shoreline! 

A workshop to learn more about
LAKE WISE Assessments

will be on June 9, 2022
from 2:00-4:00

2750 Roy Mountain Road, West Barnet

Please contact:  
Jackie Sprague if you are interested in attending.

The Lake Wise Program is a Vermont Agency of Natural Resources initiative that awards lake-friendly shoreland properties, both public and private.  The program offers free assistance to lake shoreland owners who would like to learn more about how to make their property as lake-friendly as possible.

Lake shore landowners have an important role to play in reducing shore land erosion, improving lake shore habitat, and keeping Harvey’s Lake clean.  If you choose to participate, Lake Wise evaluators will spend up to an hour and a half assessing each property and providing advice in four categories – shorefront, recreation area, driveway, and structures and septic.  If the property passes in all four categories, it will receive the Lake Wise Award sign.  If the property does not pass, a detailed evaluation is provided to the landowner with recommendations on how to become Lake Wise certified in the future.  Lake Wise is a voluntary program, and the recommendations are suggested, not required.  Common recommendations include rain gardens, water bars, establishing no-mow zones, planting lakeshore vegetation, and establishing pathways. 

The Lake Harvey Association and Emily Finnegan from the Caledonia County Conservation District and would like to invite you to a Lake Wise Workshop featuring Lake Harvey's own Holly Greenleaf, a certified landscape designer at Greenleaf Design, LLC.  Emily will walk participants through a sample Lake Wise evaluation, and Holly will provide her insight on how the recommendations from the assessment might actually look on the ground.  The Lake Harvey Association has generously offered funds to support designs and plants for lakeshore property owners who complete a Lake Wise assessment and commit to installing lake-friendly practices.  You can sign up for a Lake Wise assessment at the workshop in June, or by contacting Emily Finnegan at or 802-424-3149.

Further information for the June 9 workshop will be on  Lake Harvey Association Instagram and Facebook Page as well as an email announcement.