In Memoriam

Contributions to the Lake Harvey Association are a meaningful way to remember family and friends who loved swimming, fishing, diving and boating – or just peacefully BEING in a special waterfront place.
Preserving our crystal clear lake for the enjoyment of future generations is a wonderful memorial to those we love.
Members are welcome to post their personal remembrances on our website.  A letter of thanks will be sent to the contributor and one to the family acknowledging your gift. These contributions will also be tax deductible.

HENRY THOMAS SETTLE, JR    June 24, 1925 – June 15, 2013

Henry graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1948.  Much of his active duty was with the Underwater Demolition Team/SEALS in Korea.  Henry’s love of the water stayed with him throughout his life, and he always carried swim trunks, a mask, snorkel and fins in the trunk of his car, in the event he might pass by a good swimming and diving location.
It is therefore fitting that he be remembered here at Lake Harvey, where Jacques Cousteau - and so many others - learned to swim and dive.  Henry most surely would have stopped and enjoyed as well a swim and  dive or two in our pristine lake.

 George McBride

George McBride died earlier this year and will be missed by many people in the Barnet area.  George lived in Barnet as a young man and returned after retirement to live in Danville until he and his wife Rae built their beautiful home on Lake Harvey. They wintered near one of their daughters in the south, most recently in Mississippi and also lived part time in Shelburne near another daughter.

George enjoyed his family and seemed to know most everyone in Barnet. The McBride’s generosity was widespread as exemplified by their sizable contribution and support of the Barnet Library.  It was very easy to become engaged in conversation with George and his friends will miss him dearly.

Harold and Marcheta Miller

Harold Miller, 89, passed away on Christmas day, 2012, at home in Lincoln, MA with family at his side.  Marcheta, Hal’s wife of 66 years, died shortly thereafter.

Hal served in WW II as a naval Lieutenant. He enjoyed a forty year career at Houghton Mifflin Co., serving as its Chairman, CEO and President from 1973 to his retirement in 1990.

Called a “steward of Boston’s intellectual soul”, he authored “Publishing, A Leap from Mind to Mind” and a 4 book series “Conversations about Publishing”.

Marcheta was a gifted gardener – president of the Lincoln Garden Club - and noted artist.

They both loved everything outdoors. They went fly fishing in Alaska, and together cultivated a large vegetable garden at their dairy farm on the Groton-Peacham road.  Hal especially loved mowing the pastures there. Most of all they both loved their very special home on Lake Harvey, spending much of the summer, and Christmas, here, with family and friends.

We owe them a debt of thanks for their contributions of time and service in the building of our association. We treasure our time with them both, and will miss their company greatly.

Theodore Kingsley

In memory of Theodore Kingsley and all those wonderful years at Lake Harvey

–       a donation from Mary Kingsley

In memory of Stanley Collins

–       a donation from Michael Collins/ New England Wire Technologies

In memory of Walter & Janet Wirthwein

–       a donation from Abbot & Patricia Packard toward Lake Harvey preservation efforts

“We are sending this donation to honor Walter & Janet Wirthwein, and to thank their daughters, Karla Cornelius and Kathy Wirthwein, as well as Karla’s husband Harry,

for their continued hospitality and friendship. We are aware of Kathy’s enthusiasm and work on this project and would like to acknowledge her efforts as well as the Association’s to protect the Lake Harvey environment. Congratulations!”

David Scott

In memory of David Scott, longtime Association Treasurer, and a wonderful example of living life to its fullest, always

In memory of Marilyn (Lyn) Rank, survived by husband Bill Rank and daughter Judy Vander Hook. A service will be held at 2 PM July 2nd, Barnet Presbyterian Church.

–    We are forever grateful for her love of our lake and her dedication over the years toward its protection and betterment.